Back Pain Causes

Back pain is a common problem among the people. If you carry out a survey, you will get that nine out of ten persons are suffering from back pain. In addition, they are trying hard to overcome this problem as soon as possible. our body is made up numerous muscles, tissues, bones, cells, ligaments, joins and so many things and we many feel any sort of problem if any one of them go out of problem.
So let us see what the real cause of back pain among people is. Back pain can cause due to various reasons.

1. Muscular strains can cause back pain in the body. The muscles get strain due to some unexpected twist or full in the back. The pain caused by strains is very tough and it stays for several days. In some cases, one has to take medicines to get relief.

2. Ligamentous sprain is another reason of back pain. There are numerous ligaments in the body and sometimes they stretched and caused sprain and pain.

3. Spinal stenosis is a common back pain among the people who have crossed fifty years. This is a serious problem and this can be healed with the help of surgical treatment.

4. Osteoporosis is another cause of back pain. The bones of the body stared to lose their strength and density and this may cause fracture and breakage. This leads to pain in the back. The patients need to take calcium through food and medicines. They must consult the doctors for quick relief and medication.

5. Osteoarthritis causes excessive pain in the back. It generally attacks the joints of the spinal bone. The cartilages in the joints of the body loose the density and the result is pain. This type of back pain is generally found in the people who are over 50 years of age.

6. Fibromyalgia is a major cause of back pain. This is persistent back pain and needs proper medication and rest to get rid of this problem.

7. Obesity is another cause of the back problems. The obese people often feel pain in lower back and neck.

8. Incorrect sleeping posture causes immense pain and it is very hard to get relief from the pain. To get relief of the pain one has to adjust the sleeping position.

9. People who work in office for long hours often suffers from back pain. If possible, then take short break and do some body movements, which may reduce the back pain. You must also look out for a proper chair, which will help to give good sitting posture.

10. Many women suffer from back pain during menstruation and pregnancy. However, this is a normal back pain and this will be healed with time. This type of back pain is common among the women all over the world.

11. Any sort of severe injury can also cause back pain. Accidents often cause pain in several parts of the body.